Adoption is Layered

Underneath the swirls of fondant on a 3-D cake nothing is as it seems. So too with adoption. Beneath the surface is layers of nuance and imperfection.

Hang in there my Bride, we’ll make it yet.

Fifteen years ago today, everything that could go wrong seemed to have done just that. The best man got a nosebleed. The pastor didn't show. The candles exploded. The caterer mixed up menus. And, the limo broke. The driver took a smoke break. You and I and our luggage sat right there in the back … Continue reading Hang in there my Bride, we’ll make it yet.

Missing Experiences

After our foster son's birthday party guests left the other day, we invited our 12 year old to sit down in a chair in the middle of the kitchen. "Close your eyes," mama said. "I've got something for you that you've always wanted." Then, smash! The remnants of baby's smash cake went right into his … Continue reading Missing Experiences