Color Street

Sporting some Tokyo Lights on a date night.

Thanks for asking how you can practically walk alongside our family as we transition careers and finances and support our special needs children. Supporting my wife’s new business venture is one of the best ways.

It allows us to receive some income while you receive a beautiful, inexpensive product. And, she’s getting to focus her mind on something other than challenges we’re facing. I haven’t seen her this super excited in a very long time.

What’s she up to? My wife is now an independent stylist with Color Street, a company that does finger- and toenail things. Check it out!

Ok, so yes, it’s a MLM company. And, yes, I usually hate those. But, I’ve realized there are good ones and bad ones. This is a really good one. It’s kind of like tupperware. Price points are very low, the products are very good. And, you can order off the website and the product comes to you and my wife gets a little to help our income. All around a deal.

She would love it though, if you’d consider joining her dedicated Facebook group as well. This is a big venture for her and I know she’d enjoy everyone’s support.