Listen. Learn. Grow.

Who are you listening to? How are you learning? In what way are you growing? With Instagram as my go-to social media account, here's a "starter set" of voices you should have in your life.

Thoughts From a Walk and a Time of Lament

In high school, I was talking a walk near the intersection of Maynard and Wicklow in my hometown. It's the neighborhood where I grew up with pine trees, beautiful azaleas and modest middle class homes from the mid-70s. But yet, in my very tony suburb, this was considered the poor area part town. But it … Continue reading Thoughts From a Walk and a Time of Lament

Thoughts on Race and our Foster/Adoption Journey

During a recent visit to a southern plantation historic site, our three kids played outside an cabin for enslaved people. The weight of this moment resonated deeply because 155 years ago, this wouldn't be possible.