Adoption is Divine

This is the third blog in the series “Adoption Is” for National Adoption Month 2019. Read the entire series.

Yesterday was a particularly awful day. We have those in the adoption world. But, this one was in our parallel universe: foster care. The day threatened to steal joy, kidnap hope and murder dreams. No, really. It was in the top 5 worst days in our journey.

I even had a whole other adjective set for today’s blog. This one was planned for Sunday. But I wasn’t able to conjure up enough coherent thoughts on a more positive topic. I’m sitting here now, about 10 hours before this post is scheduled to “go live” and I’m struggling to put sentences together in my brain.

This verse, highlighted at church on Sunday, is a rock to me.

I’ve spent much time in thought, prayer and discussion since events earlier today (yesterday for you). 

Writing is a natural outlet for me and this is a good way to process the things in my mind, if not plainly for you, in a way that brings me back to the core foundation of our journey adoption.

Simply put: it is divine.

“I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!”  Psalm 27:13 has been a cornerstone of my life through many intense chapters. While most people may quote about caring for widows and orphans or helping those in need, I find this to be an affirming verse for our adoption journey.

I think about the world my children are growing up in. Hatred, fear, dysfunction, selfishness, corruption, intolerance, injustice, racism are all apt descriptors of our day. The land of the living isn’t shining so brightly at the moment.  So, I’m drawn to instances where God’s light is shining brighter in this world.

Adoption is one of those areas. A divine calling that mirrors His redemptive story in our lives. On a spiritual level, the Bible tells us we’re all orphans apart from God, but if we trust Him by accepting His son, we are adopted into His family. I’m by no means a theologian, but I think that closely gets to the point. (Imperfect analogies, remember…)

For us, our Christian faith is our moral compass. We firmly believe that He directed us down this path, that He placed the right children at the right time in our lives and in our care and that He orders all of our steps. Even the really hard to see ones, like the ones we are walking on this week.

He sees from beginning to end like being in a helicopter looking down on a parade and seeing all acts pass by at once. We may not know why a particular child was hurt, abandoned, abused or why a mother and father made a difficult decision that they couldn’t raise their child. But, He does and we can rest in that.

I believe that adoption is a glimpse of His love for this world in action. It’s a type of love that requires a choice, commitment and sacrifice. But, it’s a glimpse of His goodness in this land of all living, breathing, soul-filled human beings are in need of adoption.

Adoption is a picture.

Adoption is a story in action.

Adoption is divine.

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