Honesty, Jesus and Beer

These are the most authentic words I've typed in a long time. The summer of 2019 has been an outrageous journey into the fog of mental health. Summed up in three words: Honesty. Jesus. Beer.

Missing Experiences

After our foster son's birthday party guests left the other day, we invited our 12 year old to sit down in a chair in the middle of the kitchen. "Close your eyes," mama said. "I've got something for you that you've always wanted." Then, smash! The remnants of baby's smash cake went right into his … Continue reading Missing Experiences

It’s Funny How Life Changes… and Keeps on Going

Life Changes by Thomas Rhett is one of my favorite songs right now. Three reasons: He's using a public platform to positively share about adoption. Second, that song is our life's theme song right now. Third, what other country song references Uganda? Life is changing fast in our home and it just keeps on going, … Continue reading It’s Funny How Life Changes… and Keeps on Going