All the Appointments

Today, I got to take one of the kids to the doctor. It was a role reversal, as my wife handles 99 percent of the appointments. The volume of doctor visits, therapies and visitations… these certainly weren’t in the brochure when we became foster parents.

I’m not complaining, mind you, it’s just one of the many things they don’t outright tell you about when you become a foster or adoptive parents. Kids coming from hard upbringings often require much in the way of healing.

We’ve found that you go through seasons of high and low appointment schedules. We are in a medium season. But in a high season, you can have frequent primary care, dental, vision and specialist visits along with therapies like trauma, play, behavioral, occupational and speech.

Today’s appointment was routine, but it was kinda fun to see a glimpse into the task my wife handles by the dozen each month.

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