Misadventures with Santa Claus

Ho Ho Ho! In the spirit of Christmas in July, here's one of our favorite misadventures of all time rewritten with a little Stranger Things flair. Oh how the child-like wonder of visiting Santa Claus fades when carting two non-believing older kids and a way-excited little man to the mall on the Sunday before Christmas. … Continue reading Misadventures with Santa Claus

Seven Reflections on Foster Care and Adoption

Dear 2012 me, congratulations! You are now the parent of two blonde hair blue-eyed boys. It's July 24 -- your first gotcha day (yeah, yeah, that's a controversial phrase -- but it works for us). Today is the first day of the most thrilling, exhausting, frustrating, scary yet incredibly rewarding adventure you could ever imagine. … Continue reading Seven Reflections on Foster Care and Adoption

Thoughts on Race and our Foster/Adoption Journey

During a recent visit to a southern plantation historic site, our three kids played outside an cabin for enslaved people. The weight of this moment resonated deeply because 155 years ago, this wouldn't be possible.

All the Appointments

Today, I got to take one of the kids to the doctor. It was a role reversal, as my wife handles 99 percent of the appointments. The volume of doctor visits, therapies and visitations... these certainly weren't in the brochure when we became foster parents. I'm not complaining, mind you, it's just one of the … Continue reading All the Appointments