Letter in the Mail

Originally posted September 4, 2011. This was the official beginning of our foster care journey and the first post of our previous blog: Grafting In.

The other night, I was more out of breath than I had been in a very long time. The distance from my mailbox to my backdoor isn’t that far, but there’s just enough distance that my very out-of-shape self came huffing and puffing through the door and startling
my wife.

After weeks of waiting and careful mail-watching, the letter was in the mailbox.

Just like more than a decade ago, when I was waiting for the college acceptance letter, this one was thick. I didn’t wait, opened the envelope right there by the mailbox to the light of the iPhone.

I saw “Congratulation!,” not with an “s,” but a single congratulation. I quickly scanned down and saw the word “Thursday.”

Excitement swept like a wave as I realized this wasn’t just an acceptance letter, but that we also get to start much sooner than we expected. So, I did what any mature 31-year old man would do… I ran all the way up the alley and into the house to tell my wife.

My wife and I are starting on the road to becoming foster parents. We couldn’t be more excited, though we also couldn’t be more nervous. We believe this is the right time, following years of thoughts about jumping into this new world and months of prayer to confirm it’s the right decision.

So, here we go!

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